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I started my career at Microsoft, a couple of decades ago, as a Software Development Engineer Intern. I grew from Software Development Engineer I to Principal Engineering Manager, leading the Microsoft Project Desktop engineering team. After Microsoft, I was hired by Amazon as as Software Development Manager, where I continue to lead Software Development and Test teams. You can learn more about my career journey on LinkedIn.

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Disclaimer: To respect my teammates privacy, I give each of my past co-workers a different name, from their actual identity. Any direct quotes from key events are my best recollection of the events, and are aimed at letting you imagine the scene, however they do not represent the exact words, as they were spoken by me or my former teammates.

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Professional advice for anyone seeking Career Growth in the Technology Industry. From a career spanning two decades at Microsoft and Amazon, these are my most memorable stories.


Software Development Manager at Amazon. Previously spent more than a decade at Microsoft, from intern to manager.